Working Here

St. Joseph Health is a values-based organization. Our values are more than merely words.

What does that mean?

We extend a culture of shared core values among all employees. Our core values are Dignity, Service, Justice and Excellence. These core values are woven into everything we do -- regardless of role or position. We envision every interaction as an opportunity to serve.

Throughout the year, we encourage our employees to take notice of team members illustrating our core values and nominate them for our annual Values in Action ceremony. Annually, St. Joseph Health honors the top nominees for each value with a recipient ceremony. That ceremony is celebrated as one of the most important annual events at St. Joseph Health.

Many who decide to work with St. Joseph Health stay long term citing they've never worked with an organization that treats people so well.

Time for Reflection

St. Joseph Health is known for treating one another within our family as more than mere workers. We celebrate each others' gifts to the organization and support one another with opportunity of thought. It's common for each group gathering or meeting to start with a reflection -- either a reading, a poem, short story, a picture or even a video. Taking time for reflection allows participants to ground and center themselves to focus on what the gathering's purpose is... or to just gather thoughts of how their actions and words contribute to our core mission -- extending the healing ministry of Jesus.