“I work in the Radiology department here at Mission. I believe in treating my patients as though they were family, and try to remember that they are the reason we do what we do. Our focus is always on making sure that our patients’ experience is a positive and memorable one.”
- Karen Rosauer

“I joined Mission Hospital in 2002 to work in a new area of Laboratory Medicine, Point of Care Testing, which at the time was in its infancy. This role presented me with opportunity to grow the program while working in an acute care setting. Mission Hospital is a critical piece of South Orange County and I feel privileged to serve my community in this meaningful manner. During the past fifteen years I have served the hospital in a number of capacities. The hospital has played a key role in my growth as a person and in my career path. Each leadership role that I was entrusted with was based on a confidence and belief in my capabilities rather than on a bullet point in my resume. I am grateful to be part of a ministry that recognizes and fosters the talents of the individual.”
- Melisand Mohseni

“I love the people that work here at St. Jude. From the time I first came here, I could see that the core values are lived out by everyone here. Providing a great patient experience is truly the highest priority. I have worked at many different hospitals in my 24 year career as an RN, but St. Jude is special. The high level of intra-professional collaboration is unique and allows our frontline clinicians to give the best care to our patients.”
- Susan L. Brevoort